Custom Branded Face Mask Supplier Dubai

Face Masks Supplier Dubai, Abu Dhabi UAE

We supply face masks or all type. Surgical disposable masks, N95 respirator masks, cloth masks, and face shields.

Supply  of Surgical Disposable Masks

The surgical face mask offers personal respiratory protection by blocking droplets and preventing large particles from entering. We can different types of face masks that have 3 ply fabric or 4 layers non-woven + filter or even paper + non-woven. The color of the face mask can vary and can have a certain level of customization. The face masks come in packages of 10 pieces in a polybag. We can fulfill large quantities of supply in the UAE and GCC countries.

N95 / KN95 Face Masks

N95 Respirator Masks are very effective against pathogens in the air. Made with tangled fibers, and can block 95% of nanoparticles. These masks are generally used by frontline health workers. We have N95 masks that have 4 layers and with Non-woven plus filter or paper + non-woven. N95 Masks come in polybag of 10 pcs each. N95 masks may need to be pre-ordered. We can get you good quality N95 Masks in UAE.

Custom Branded Face Masks

We can supply your custom branded facemasks with your brand logo.