Sanitiser Dispenser Supplier Dubai, Abu Dhabi UAE

We supply Sanitiser Dispensers of all types. Sanitiser Dispenser for hotels, hospitals, offices hospitality, and airlines.

We have sanitizer dispensers that are well suited for the Hospitality sector. These sanitizer dispenser models are aesthetically designed and highly functional.

SENSEI has a wide range of Sanitiser dispensers that are touch-free and with or without UV. These sanitizer dispensers can be fitted on a wall or can be the model that is free standing with adjustable height.

Sanitizer Dispensers for Hospitality

Touch-Free Hand Sanitisers with Display Screen

Sanitiser is unavoidable in the current situation. The use of sanitizer is going to stay for long as humans are slowly adapting to this habit due to the bitter experience so far. Sanitizer dispensers with touch are not a very good option for public use. That’s why we have touch-free sanitizer dispensers that work with sensors. When used at premium locations like hotels or malls, dispensing sanitizers brings another challenge of presentation as well as cleanliness. Our sanitizer dispensing kiosks is the answer. It combines aesthetics, convenience, and functionality. Added to that, you have the option of delivering messages via a display screen.


We can source any type of sanitizer dispensers your want. Especially for the hospitality industry.